Tiles Laying Instructions


Some wall tile glazes, particularly the more specialised effects used to create surface features and strong colours, are subject to crazing. This aspect is an inherent characteristic of the glazes and may occur after Fixing but will not affect the performance of the tiles. Non-spocer tiles should be spaced by the use of readily available spacer pegs.


Care should be taken during installation and grouting to avoid damage. Abrasive cleaners and strong chemicals, which may harm the decoration, should not be used.


If coloured grouts are used then the manufacturer's instructions for use should be carefully followed. A trial area should be grouted before proceeding with the whole tiled area to check whether any staining of the tiles occurs. Rossa accepts no liability for staining or damage to tile surfaces incurred during grouting of the tiles. Generally the use of such grouts is not recommended with satin or matt glazed products.


Care should be taken during installation, particularly when grouting, to avoid scratching the glazed surface. Abrasive cleansers and strong chemicals that may harm the decoration should not be used.


The large format wall tiles require spacing by the use OF proprietary tile spacers. Nominal iointwidths of 2 to 3 mm are recommended to ensure that the modular co-ordination is maintained. All backgrounds must be dry, Rat and free from surface contamination. New backgrounds must have been allowed to dry for the appropriate length of time prior to the commencement of tiling. The background should be sufficiently strong and rigid to support the weight of the new tile work. Friable or weak backgrounds should be made good prior to tiling. Appropriate advice as to the suitability of walls in respect of tiling should be sought from a qualified person before commencing tiling. This is particularly important if the new tile work is over existing tiling. It is important that an appropriate adhesive is used which suits the particular wall background and service conditions. Rossa recommends that water resistant adhesives are Used for wet areas and grouted with a water impervious grout.


The high quality white body of the Rossa large Format wall tiles can be cut, shaped and drilled in the same manner as the smaller format wall tiles. The use of a heavier gauge Roor tile cutting tool is used b Facilitate the cutting process due to the thicker gauge of the wall tile body. For intricate shaping and cutting, Rossa recommend the use of a wet diamond wheel cutting machine.


Large format wall tiles are heavy and particular care should be taken when lifting and handling the tiles to avoid injury. Any carton banding used to stabilize the cartons whilst in transit should be removed prior to lifting and opening the cartons. The transit banding should not be used to lift the cartons.


All sizes given in this brochure are nominal sizes quoted as the nearest metric modular size. All dimensions are in millimeters. For details OF actual work sizes please refer to the product details given on the carton.


During the course of manufacture of all ceramic tiles some variation in shade or pattern can occur. Before fixing wall tiles several cartons should be opened and their contents mixed to provide an attractive natural finish, an acceptable colour blend and to observe the direction of patterning. Before laying floor tiles several cartons should be opened and the contents mixed to ensure that the size, shade, colour and patterning are acceptable. Rossa cannot accept any liability Forwall and Roor tiles that have been fixed. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information given in this brochure, In the interest of progress, however Rossa reserve the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice. The colours shown on the tile products in this brochure are as accurate as the limitations OF the printing processes will allow. Please refer to actual product samples before purchasing.